WarFi P2E

Introduction to WarFi

This is the official documentation for WarFI. This document will outline all the information about our project including it's mechanics, the P2E game and other aspects of our ecosystem.

The Problem

The Defi space is full of projects that promise great returns and future utility. The promise of developing future external revenue with user funds from NFT raises, or ponzinomic mechanics to help build the funds needed to complete their road map.
Some of these projects are genuinely trying to build something in Defi, but unfortuntaley for one reason or another fall short and fail - then there are other projects that try to leverage the hype from the current 'trend', lure people in, and then rug the project running away with everyone's money. We've seen this a lot lately - and this causes people to lose their trust in anything defi and end up leaving the space with a bad taste in their mouth.

The WarFi Solution

We are here to wage a war on defi and help clear this space from all the bad actors by creating a place where people feel safe and will actually earn real returns without the need for ponzinomics or waiting on future plans to be built in order to see those returns. We also accomplish this by partnering with other solid projects and teams to build a better defi experience.

Evolution of WarFi

WarFi has evolved since it's inception and has proactively shifted its direction towards its original intended goal of becoming a real company providing safety, sustainablilty and longevity for all users through our extremely successful WarBot trading bot NFTs - run through the services of Shiny Jackal and his trading bots. We are building out our NFT offerings even further with FoRex trading bot NFTs, real Validator Node NFTs, and much more!
We are in the process of creating this legal entity and have been making the necessary changes in order to align with laws and regulations. Once the transition is complete and we become a registered company - those holding our OG WarBot NFTs will also be receiving their 10% profit share with the company for even more profits to be made by our loyal OG users.

Where We Started

WarFi originally started as a (P2E) protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with two ways to earn passive income in $KILL tokens (their native token).
It launched with a fully playable first-person shooter (P2E) game as one revenue stream, and this game has been available from DAY 1 of launch! Currently, though the game is playable and was intially used to generate revenue even prior to launch, we are revamping and updating the game futher to improve the user experience and will be launching the new version along with the 'Crypto Games HUB' in the near future.
We had also launched with our $KILL token which was equipped with a Price Management System (PMS) maintaining a stable price range of $1.00-$1.10. This ensured that rewards would always remain stable and not be affected by a volatile market. This part of the project was attached to daily passive income NFTs which would payout upto 2.2% per day.
We are the only project that we have known of to successfully pay out through our 'node' component of our ecosystem to all investors without fail. Our transition has allowed Soldier NFT holders to upgrade their positions into our lifetime reward paying WarBot trading bot NFTs.
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