Introduction to the RHYZE Token

Rhyze Token - It has Rhythm, Rhyme, and it keeps Rhyzing too

Remember when DeFi used to be fun? Well it’s about to be again. Slide over PePe, Milady, and all of you other useless meme coins, DeFi’s newest, coolest and most enjoyable project Rhyze is here, with the industry’s most innovative protocol, a focus on community, and a token price that can’t go down. Let the fun begin!!

Rhyze offers smart tokenomics and the chance to participate in a vibrant and growing ecosystem of revenue generation, while our game theory elements make your time with us fun, exciting, and rewarding. Join our proven team as we bring back the elements that made you love DeFi.


Rhyze is a breakthrough project on the Polygon network built by DeFi veterans who combined the best elements of two powerful protocols: Rebasing and the Up Token - with innovations focused on increasing the potential, while correcting the shortcomings of both. Rhyze also offers a fun and exciting community that appreciates working together, having some fun, and taking chances that may change their financial lives. The result is a dynamic DeFi experiment that pushes things to new levels.


Rebasing has been one of the most popular protocols in DEFi over the past 2 years with hundreds of projects adopting this simple yet powerful means of increasing tokens and value to holders. Rebasing simplified staking, requiring that holders only hold their tokens in their wallets to gain rewards, giving them more control over moving in and out of a project. Rebasing protocols dominated DeFi conversations for much of 2022 with more than $1 Billion invested.

Rebasing also re-energized DeFi, reminding investors that the sector offers great income opportunities and the fun and excitement of participating in innovative financial products and services.

However, there were issues that caused the rebasing era to stall. The Rhyze team created a unique and powerful version of rebasing designed with the past challenges in mind with an aim to eliminate them.

The Up Token has a simple strategy, utilizing a series of upward price appreciation mechanisms, the Up Token price consistently goes up. Needless to say this creates a positive sentiment from holders and a bullish chart. Rhyze uses some Up Token mechanics and strategies.


Rhyze combines the best of Rebasing and the Up Token, then adds additional elements that make it a new protocol designed to create positive sentiment around the token. Our goal is to use this positive sentiment and the enthusiasm of the community to create a lot of interest and involvement in Rhyze. If we get it right, we just might have a really hot DeFi project with the fun and excitement of a meme coin and the potential for long term success:

Rhyze utilizes a breakthrough push-pull rebasing strategy, creating consistent equilibrium for the token.

Rhyze offers a fixed token supply and as a result, downward price pressure from token inflation is completely eliminated.

Additionally, the Rhyze token has constant price appreciation. This occurs whether there are buys or sells of the token, and the protocol can cause upward price increases without outside buys or sells.

We of course also add additional revenue to the project by the creation of external revenue. We will launch with games that help provide this and a roadmap of revenue generating use cases that will further support Rhyze.

Finally, with a limited supply that is distributed at the launch of the project means new holders who want to participate in the fun will have to purchase the token at an ever rising price.

Key Project Elements:

  • Next Generation Push-Pull Rebasing Protocol

  • No Team Tokens

  • All Tokens Released on Launch

  • Fixed Token Supply

  • All Tokens are 100% Backed

  • Token Appreciation Through External Revenue

  • Consistent Price Appreciation (Price cannot go down)

  • Strong Game Theory Elements

This is definitely a new era for DeFi - Let the Fun Begin!

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