The Team

The Rhyze Team consists of compassionate individuals with a common goal of creating an effective passive income protocol.

The Rhyze team has years of experience working in the DeFi trenches, focusing on delivering consistent passive income for holders. We have used this time to learn, experiment, and consistently improve our efforts. We feel that the keys to success is being innovative, establishing trust and camaraderie with the community, and always pushing forward fearlessly. We have come together at Rhyze because we share similar goals and ethics, and we believe that our combined skills and experiences create the best chance for success. Most importantly, we take seriously the trust that the Rhyze community places in us and commit to always focus on their benefits. Key Rhyze Team Members:

Jason - Jason is a well-known veteran of several DeFi protocols, and has been a consultant and builder in the DeFi space for than a year. His project WarFi has delivered passive income to holders for more than 6 months and continues to build and innovate. He is also the originator of the Up Token which features revolutionary mechanics that create a constantly increasing price for the token. He brings his management skills, passion, and experience to Rhyze and will take the lead in many critical areas of the project including strategy and partnerships. John and TheoneandonlyDavid - Drawing upon their extensive traditional business skills and experiences, John and David have spent the past two years in the world of cryptocurrencies, providing valuable consultation to various crypto projects and high-net-worth individuals. One standout project they have consulted is Titano.Finance, an innovative rebasing token. Their contributions were pivotal in propelling the project's growth to incredible heights, reaching a staggering 84,000 holders and a market capitalization surpassing $280 million at its peak.

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