Love Rebasing - Read about Our Innovations!

Rebasing was the hottest DeFi protocol for most of 2022 launching hundreds of projects with several rising to over $100M marketcap. Hundreds of thousands of holders entered rebasing projects because it was a grand DeFi experiment that was simple to interact with, and provided consistent returns for a period of time. As importantly, rebasing was fun and exciting, with rebasing communities being the most vibrant and engaged in DeFi. Rebasing created party time for an extended period of time.

But let’s be honest, traditional rebasing had big challenges. First, there was runaway token inflation which caused dilution for holders. There was also constant downward pressure on price and way too many red candles. And as time went on things became unsustainable causing prices to cascade downward, taking the fun and profits out of rebasing.

The Rhyze team loves the excitement and potential of rebasing - so we spent months experimenting, testing, and retesting different approaches to tackle rebasing issues. Our focus was take on rebasing issues, while leaving the fun and profit potential for token holders. Here is what we have done:

Rebasing issues taken on by Rhyze:

  • Runaway Inflation - Rhyze has zero inflation!

  • Exponential Token Growth - Rhyze has a capped supply and is deflationary.

  • Red Candle Rage (The community rebels because too many red candles) - Rhyze only goes up so only green candles.

  • Billions of Tokens Created with No Backing - Rhyze tokens are 100% backed.

The Rhyze protocol is a new and exciting experiment that keeps what we all love about rebasing and removes the challenges we are aware of about rebasing. We also added elements from the Up token to create something totally new and exciting. Let the fun begin!

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