Token Mechanics

How the $RHYZE Token Works

$RHYZE is minted and redeemed directly through the RHYZE dApp using USDC on Polygon. There are BUY and SELL (MINT/REDEEM) fees attached to this token that support it's 'Always Up' mechanics. For the full details on buy and sell fees click here.

The $RHYZE token uses a Push-Pull rebasing mechanism which is attached to its limited token supply. The token will positively and negatively rebase as a method to create price stabilization, keeping the price the same during rebasing, and solving the rebase inflation issue. At the same time $RHYZE will be an always appreciating token, with part of its mint and redeem fees going into the backing of the token.

Additionally, we will generate external revenue from project use cases that will also be injected into the backing of $RHYZE on a weekly basis to maintain its upward momentum. Collectively, these token mechanics position the $RHYSE token as a strong engine for this unique and powerful protocol.

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